The opening lines of One Spring.

"Would you like to sign this petition? It's to stop them shutting the station."
If he had said that once, he must have said it over 100 times on that first night.
"I think it's disgraceful. They've only just had it painted."
"I bet Lord Beeching doesn't have to go on the train. I bet he gets driven round in a big posh car."
"Them M.P.s in London don't care one bit about folk like us."

These comments were typical of what the people of Ashurst thought about the whole business. Almost without fail they would look briefly at the words on his petition and sign. Sometimes it would be taken indooors for more of the family to add their names.
One man asked if his children could sign it or did they have to be 21. Another asked if he could put his mother's name down even though she had been dead for over a month.
"She would have signed it if she had still been with us" he said quietly.

One Spring is the sequel to Geoff Lee's best-selling debut novel, One Winter. Set once again in the fictional south Lancashire town of Ashurst which is 'close' to St Helens, Wigan, Leigh, Earlestown and Warrington in the years 1972 to 1976. One Spring is a vivid and humourous account of working class life at home, work and play.

"One Spring is as amusing and compelling as One Winter although a little more far fetched. That however is not a criticism. It just adds to the appeal of a very entertaining book." - Huddersfield Daily Examiner

"Lee's prose envelopes the reader in a comforting warm glow of nostalgia. He has a sharp eye for characters and an even sharper ear for dialogue." - Yorkshire Evening Post.