Two Seasons is the fifth novel in a series about life in the small Lancashire town of Ashurst. The main characters are Alan and Thelma Greenall. Alan has worked for over 40 years a an electrical draughtsman at Wilkinson's Engineering, now part of a multi national company based in Holland.

Story lines spread much further afield than Ashurst though in the chapters A Day On the M62, An Evening In Bailiff Bridge and The Welsh Girl From Wrexham and even abroad in E-Mails From Amsterdam, A Swedish Affair and “I was born in Barcelona”.

Fact and fiction are brought together throughout the novel and particularly in the chapters Hazel says “No” to Bush and Blair and “The Spoilt Papers Might Win It”

Also included are
  • A Tale From Knowsley Road
  • A Day out in Wigan
  • Listening to Eddie and Stevo
  • The Sermon on Mount Pleasant
  • “Will you be our Auntie Thelma?”
  • The Good Yorkshireman
  • A Day on the M62
  • Billinge Rules
  • The Bolton Wanderer
  • The spoilt papers might win it.
  • Martindale's Chip Shop
  • “I was born in Barcelona”

  • What the critics thought of it

    “Two Seasons” is a terrific read. Ray French (League Weekly)

    “Two Seasons” offers a genuine insight into working class life, written by someone who knows his world and cares deeply about it. Tony Collins

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the book, Geoff” Ray Gent

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